Essential and customized clothing

Why choose silkscreen printing?

The timeless clothing transformation Silkscreen printing is a printing technique of choice in recreational or corporate clothing transformation and has been à la mode for decades. Contrary to popular belief, silkscreen printing adapts to t-shirts but also light clothes like polos and sportswear. It allows you to create a complete clothing collection according to your […]

5 techniques to personalize clothes

Definition of the 5 essential clothing customization techniques at Arseno At Arseno, we’ve been personalizing clothes for over 40 years. We are a textile business that is alive and humanly competent. Our field sometimes might seem complex with its different process possibilities. Today, we’re helping you see things more clearly! Silkscreen printing It’s a process […]

“PT-SHIRTS”: a worldwide project

The magic behind PT-SHIRT DAY: Our worldwide collaboration with Premier Tech Annual Production The annual production for Premier Tech is a little over 5000 t-shirts a year and it’s a project we’re been entirely managing for the last three years. Premier Tech is a company that offers solutions to feed, protect, and improve our planet […]

Funky aprons for St-Pancrace Microbrewery

Designing unique aprons for St-Pancrace: When beer and cuisine merge. Funky aprons for St-Pancrace Microbrewery For this project, the likable St-Pancrace in Baie-Comeau on the North Shore contacted us because they wished to add a new item for resale on their online store: a custom-made apron. An idea that was completely in alignment with their […]

An innovative solution for managing work clothes

Seamless uniform management: Opt for simplicity with Arseno. Opt for the Arseno simplicity. Imagine not having to manage uniforms and work clothes for your team. With the current labor challenges in a majority of industries, all solutions are welcome to save time and simplify the lives of your staff! If your employees must or can […]

The promotional object: infinite possibilities

Arseno accompanies you with creative ideas for your custom promotional objects. The conception of promotional objects is part of our expertise at Arseno. Anything you can imagine, well…we can do it! Who typically seeks to have promotional items produced? We dare say: everyone! A sports team needs new customized t-shirts for their season. An event […]

Embroidery and its 2023 trends

The evolution of embroidery: Discover new trends Keeping up with trends and best practices are useful reflexes these days. It helps lower the amount of mistakes, and by that, saves you money. Are there new trends in the embroidery world? Even if it’s been used and approved for years in clothing customization, it nonetheless offers […]

Behind the scenes in the graphics department at Arseno

Creative immersion: A typical day with the graphics team at Arseno. At Arseno, the members of the graphics team are always in the middle of the action. Truly, the department is always on a roll because creativity is at its best. How does this department work? Let’s dive behind the scenes to see how our […]