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Behind the scenes in the graphics department at Arseno

Creative immersion: A typical day with the graphics team at Arseno.

At Arseno, the members of the graphics team are always in the middle of the action. Truly, the department is always on a roll because creativity is at its best.

How does this department work? Let’s dive behind the scenes to see how our graphic artists work daily at Arseno.

One thing is for sure: the notion of “teamwork” is something anchored in all of them. The priority being customer satisfaction and respecting delays, it’s essential to know how to collaborate with each teammate to reach goals.

For example, before sending a newsletter to touristic customers to introduce new products, Annie, the artistic and communications project manager, will ask her colleagues’ advice. The goal is to get everyone’s perception to aim for the right target.

Through training to learn new printing techniques, taking pictures for the archives of a project, a new arrival of clothes to steam before taking pictures, meetings about ongoing projects, there’s always something to do but some things become a priority… A potential customer is interested in an online store and the sales team needs a presentation document? Perfect! Annie moves a few tasks around to put this first. We wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity.

On the same subject, Carolane has an important part to play in online stores for our customers. During her week, many hours are dedicated to this task. She works in close collaboration with the sales team to assess the item selection that will be offered in the online stores. The transformations’ feasibility will be validated by the foreman and a catalog of products will be created for the customers so they can approve. Carolane can then create the custom store.

One of Carolane’s major projects is re-designing the Arseno website. We’re trying to make it more practical, full, and easy to navigate. Thankfully, she can count on Annie’s advice and support for all the creative phases, always with the ultimate goal of having an impeccable result that fulfills expectations.

Carolane is also the IT for all the departments. She’s regularly requested to help with computer bugs, printer issues, and our email inboxes. Adaptability is a must for our graphic artists.

On the projects to produce, our internal system plans the orders so they’re treated autonomously. The process is clear and well-understood by the team. It allows for everything to work properly at a good rhythm. David, our graphic artist responsible for production and product customization specialist, will go through the daily orders via our system and make sure it’s updated.

While wearing the hat of a graphic artist responsible for production, needless to say, David’s days are sometimes full of unexpected events. Sometimes, it’ll be films to remake, something wrong with an embroidery file, or a color or a logo to approve. The needs and demands are plentiful but essential so we can offer the best to our customers.

Oh, back to Annie for a moment. She also helps a lot with the business’ social media: strategic, posting calendar, graphics, pictures, videos, blog posts, meetings with the marketing director… Another aspect of her work that puts her creativity forward.

Being a graphic artist at Arseno means being resourceful, open-minded, flexible, inquisitive, and wanting to communicate effectively through an aesthetic point of view.