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Embroidery and its 2023 trends

The evolution of embroidery: Discover new trends

Keeping up with trends and best practices are useful reflexes these days. It helps lower the amount of mistakes, and by that, saves you money. Are there new trends in the embroidery world? Even if it’s been used and approved for years in clothing customization, it nonetheless offers multiple possibilities to its users.

Our team has done the exercise of embroidering its brand to show you how a simple embroidery thread gives amazing results.

Our 2023 ideas

-Play with your logo to embroider clothes in various places:

For example, take the first letter or a strong element of your image and use it on its own. That element will be the small detail to add to a shirt collar. We’re talking about a tiny version, of course, a simple and effective detail that won’t take away from the quality of the garment. The mini embroidery can be added discreetly to complete a clothing collection. The result is nonetheless guaranteed because its radiance and texture do the work. Because the amount of stitches makes the price, we can definitely say it’s quite affordable.

-Try lettering in running stitch, letting the thread run along the surface with a surprising lightness:

That technique offers the possibility of using a lot of space on the garment without making it heavier. It allows the embroidery of clothes like t-shirts and dresses, where usually silkscreen printing is used to cover the surface. Quite trendy, the running stitch is also appreciated for its reduced amount of stitches.

-Using your logo as a contour to combine the quality of the garment with embroidery:

Whether it’s big or small, this type of embroidery is the obvious solution for a brilliant result. Depending on the choice of garment, you’ll get a choice of texture that’s as beautiful to look at as to touch. The outlined version or a signature is also a great idea without removing the nature of your image. Since the inside of your embroidery is empty, we understand that this technique is favorable cost-wise.

-What if your image was embroidered the same color as your garment?:

No? Yes! It’s a great idea. We have all the colored threads possible to get the perfect match. This new trend of tone-on-tone successfully achieves its effect thanks to the quality offered by embroidery. The result will be colorful, texturized, and quite glamorous. The texture created with this type of embroidery will stun more than anything.

Now that we’ve opened the door to these new embroidery possibilities, how can you resist the desire to embroider everything?