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“PT-SHIRTS”: a worldwide project

The magic behind PT-SHIRT DAY: Our worldwide collaboration with Premier Tech

Annual Production

The annual production for Premier Tech is a little over 5000 t-shirts a year and it’s a project we’re been entirely managing for the last three years.

Premier Tech is a company that offers solutions to feed, protect, and improve our planet and has been doing so for the last 100 years. It’s a great pride for us to accompany them in this customized clothing project, especially since their headquarters are located in Rivière-du-Loup, not far from our factory in Matane.

Every year in the spring, Premier Tech puts together a festive team-building event to honor its teams all over the world: PT-SHIRT DAY. Activities, recognition, and sharing are the main goals. For that occasion, every employee gets a t-shirt and the project has been managed by Arseno from A to Z for the last few years.

This project involves every department of our company: sales, design, production, sewing, quality control, packaging, and shipping, including all the paperwork for customs (an aspect few of our competitors offer!). And of course, technical support and customer service are offered to our customers. These T-shirts are specially created for an event… so we must strictly adhere to the timeline to ensure all employees receive their garments on time!”

In this project, since the business has a well-founded visual identity, the t-shirt’s design is furnished by Premier Tech and we take care of the rest.

The selection of the T-shirt is made by the customer. It’s imported, then customized at our manufacture or directly manufactured by us. It all depends on the customers’ needs and desires.

The clothes are then shipped to Quebec, Canada, the United States, and to Europe, among other places. Responsiveness, impeccable logistics, and tight follow-ups are necessary to guarantee the success of this process.

We even provide Premier Tech with some videos showcasing the stages of T-shirt production so they can show their team the evolution of the project on the day of the event.

The first time we got the mandate from Premier Tech was in 2019 for delivery in 2020. We’re letting you guess the rest… The pandemic brought enormous challenges in supply and shipping. Our experience, flexibility, and creativity helped us greatly at that time.

It’s an event that is greatly expected at Premier Tech every year, but also at Arseno. It’s a special project that evolves over a few months and requires agility. The feeling of pride we get at the end is quite gratifying.

Participating in creating memories, that’s what Arseno is all about.