Essential and customized clothing

An innovative solution for managing work clothes

Seamless uniform management: Opt for simplicity with Arseno. Opt for the Arseno simplicity.

Imagine not having to manage uniforms and work clothes for your team. With the current labor challenges in a majority of industries, all solutions are welcome to save time and simplify the lives of your staff!

If your employees must or can wear a uniform or if there’s a collective agreement in place, our proposition should please you.

At Arseno, we create customized online platforms for companies that employees have access to s. They can independently order their uniforms and clothing using a credit system. In other words, it’s a complete and user-friendly online store specifically designed for your team.

We eradicate the need to try on clothes thanks to our size charts that are also available in private stores. The amount of managing time is then reduced for fewer mistakes.

That’s not all. We take care of preparing, packaging, and shipping your employees’ orders directly to their homes. Yes, we take care of shipping! Also, our customer service is available for them if there’s anything, before or after delivery. It’s a turnkey service for a more than fun buying experience.

Regarding uniforms or the garment itself, the demands are usually for classic t-shirts, polos, and pants.

Nevertheless, we can also provide more technical clothes that respect the norms in different industries (fireproof fabric, light reflective bands, resistant material…) We easily adapt to the requirements of various work environments without any issue.

Of course, you can always internally handle the fitting process, assemble the information, and measurements needed, and then place your order with Arseno. It goes without saying that it’s a time-consuming task.

Delegating to experts in the matter is an avenue that will only bring positive things.

We firmly believe that the future of managing uniforms and work clothes is online. We have a lot of customers every year that let us take care of that aspect and we’ve had multi-year agreements with them.