Essential and customized clothing

Why choose silkscreen printing?

The timeless clothing transformation

Silkscreen printing is a printing technique of choice in recreational or corporate clothing transformation and has been à la mode for decades.

Contrary to popular belief, silkscreen printing adapts to t-shirts but also light clothes like polos and sportswear. It allows you to create a complete clothing collection according to your business needs.

There are a multitude of advantages to choosing silkscreen printing.

We love it because : 

  1. Its washing resistance
  2. Its capacity to cover a big printing surface
  3. The quality and durability of its printing
  4. The precision and radiance of its colors
  5. The possibility of multiple colors
  6. Its optimal precision for fine details like lettering

Choosing silkscreen printing also means opening the door to multiple possibilities of workmanship. According to your needs, we can offer a vintage look, metallic or glossy effects, fluorescent, phosphorescents, and many more. The printing processes can give impressive photography quality results. Silkscreen printing is able to create color gradient effects or fine lines on clothing to provide a little texture to the touch.

Silkscreen printing also allows the printing of a large quantity of clothes rapidly. Thanks to our automatic carousels, we’re able to produce an important volume of merchandise every hour. Silkscreen printing is a wise choice for your immediate needs.