Essential and customized clothing

The promotional object: infinite possibilities

Arseno accompanies you with creative ideas for your custom promotional objects.

The conception of promotional objects is part of our expertise at Arseno. Anything you can imagine, well…we can do it!

Who typically seeks to have promotional items produced? We dare say: everyone!

A sports team needs new customized t-shirts for their season.

An event organizer looking to have tents and flags for the big day.

A car dealership wants to offer coffee mugs to all of its customers.

A small business wanting to spoil their employees with a customized wine glass set.

An inn desiring to leave pens with their logos in every room and at the reception.

Those are a few examples among the infinite amount of projects, objects, and types of customers.

For anything in the textile field, the items are produced directly at our factory in Matane.

When we move away from clothes, we do business with many reliable vendors with whom we work happily.

And if you have a funkier object in mind, you can count on us. We’ll do the necessary research. It’s the type of challenge we like.

Please know that even if the object is manufactured elsewhere, the design is created by our team, who will respect your needs and technical parameters.

Any other step in the process (choice of objects, colors, quantities) will be made with one of our project managers in the sales department. They will be your main contact throughout your project.

Certain people contact us knowing precisely what they want, but for the vast majority, it’s not the case. Our team works hand in hand to offer creative concepts following your needs and budget.

If you’re in the Matane area, you can come directly to our manufacture to get your order. If that’s not possible, we will ship it directly to your offices. Of course, if there’s any breakage or issue, we’ll make sure to find a satisfactory arrangement for you.

Regarding delays, from the moment you order with us, we’ll need about four weeks for it to be delivered. Of course, some moments of the year are busier: fall because of the Holidays or spring because summer is coming with tourists and events. Planning is key.

Another added bonus: we offer at Arseno gift packaging for the famous holiday season! Bags, boxes, silk paper, and cards for your employees. It’s a turnkey service that frees your mind and puts our creativity forward.

It’s with a lot of pride that we create promotional object projects for a wide variety of customers: regulars who come to us year after year, small local businesses, bigger venture businesses, and even international businesses that have subsidiaries all around the world.

Also, if you’d like to know more about a major project we’ve been managing for three years, click here.