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Funky aprons for St-Pancrace Microbrewery

Designing unique aprons for St-Pancrace: When beer and cuisine merge.

Funky aprons for St-Pancrace Microbrewery

For this project, the likable St-Pancrace in Baie-Comeau on the North Shore contacted us because they wished to add a new item for resale on their online store: a custom-made apron.

An idea that was completely in alignment with their field because cooking with a nice beer is always a good idea.

We already had a great and trusting relationship with St-Pancrace Microbrewery for whom we’ve been making clothes for years. You can find t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, and hoodies manufactured by Arseno in their online store.

Recently, we’ve also produced beach towels, a product for their employees only, that was available through a private store.

The manufacturing of the aprons with St-Pancrace Microbrewery was truly a creative and entertaining moment for our team because it was an out-of-the-ordinary product with its colorful and playful design. It was sold from their online store in June 2022.

The steps are similar to those of all our custom projects like the “PT-SHIRTS”, a wide project we’ve been managing for three years with the worldwide business Premier Tech (lien vers l’article), but this time, on a smaller scale.

We’re talking about a process that goes through sales, graphic design, production, sewing, and quality control to verify every item, along with packaging and shipping. It’s a hands-on approach that simplifies things for the customer. Also, there is a project manager throughout the project and afterward.

In this case, visual proposals were presented to the client, and once the mock-ups were approved, a sample was created for final approval.

The sublimation technique was used to personalize the apron, then the cutting and sewing were done by our seamstress team. Sublimation is a technique of transferring solid ink through vapor, but that technique is not done at our Matane manufacture, contrary to the other techniques. Sublimation is a new and expanding technique that offers great resistance and wonderful color rendering. A high-end result that will attract attention with its intensity and clean aspect.

We love the original and explosive graphic of the apron and its main belly pouch. A little detail to make the cooking or BBQ-ing experience more fun for the person wearing it.