Essential and customized clothing


Every customization option, from embroidery to printing, comes to life at the heart of our factory.


Embroidery, with its significant comeback in current trends, is ideal for giving a corporate, professional, and distinguished look to caps, beanies, coats, bags, and much more. It also allows for exploring funkier looks, combining boldness and originality.

Promotional Object

Our goal is to perfect your customized clothing collection with quality promotional objects. We manage everything from A to Z, offering you peace of mind, and trending choices, adapted to your needs, whether it’s a welcome package for a new employee or selected presents. Even if those items are produced outside of our manufacture, the communication line with the vendor is constantly open. Costs? They vary with quality and product. With Arseno, completing your collection will have never been so simple and effective.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing on clothes offers an unrivaled printing quality that is resistant to washes. Ideal for large orders, it’s profitable and adaptable to a wide variety of fabrics, from t-shirts to bags. Colors, vivid and stable, put your logos and designs to the forefront. By choosing silkscreen printing, you combine quality, savings, and adapted customization.


By choosing to put a customized patch on your clothes, you will benefit from a long-lasting solution that will stand firm against time and washes. This little touch offers a unique aesthetic thanks to its texture and depth but gives you the freedom to personalize any part of your piece of clothing. Also, it’s a cost-effective choice if you’re thinking of personalizing many items. All in all, it’s an astute way to transform your clothes!

DTF printing (Direct to Film)

This modern technique offers an exceptional quality of image, fine details, and vivid colors. The complex or multi-colored patterns will be recreated to perfection. Moreover, our DTF prints withstand regular washing, guaranteeing a long life for your clothes.

Ideal for small quantities, the process is quick and adapts itself to a variety of fabrics and printing positions.