Essential and customized clothing

Why choose silkscreen printing?

The timeless clothing transformation Silkscreen printing is a printing technique of choice in recreational or corporate clothing transformation and has been à la mode for decades. Contrary to popular belief, silkscreen printing adapts to t-shirts but also light clothes like polos and sportswear. It allows you to create a complete clothing collection according to your […]

5 techniques to personalize clothes

Definition of the 5 essential clothing customization techniques at Arseno At Arseno, we’ve been personalizing clothes for over 40 years. We are a textile business that is alive and humanly competent. Our field sometimes might seem complex with its different process possibilities. Today, we’re helping you see things more clearly! Silkscreen printing It’s a process […]

“PT-SHIRTS”: a worldwide project

The magic behind PT-SHIRT DAY: Our worldwide collaboration with Premier Tech Annual Production The annual production for Premier Tech is a little over 5000 t-shirts a year and it’s a project we’re been entirely managing for the last three years. Premier Tech is a company that offers solutions to feed, protect, and improve our planet […]