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Social responsibility at Arseno

“Engagement and tangible efforts for the welfare of both the community and the planet.”



At Arseno, it’s important to consistently and coherently align our actions with our values. We strive to remain vigilant in our endeavors and do more for the planet, the community, and our team. We commit to making room for other initiatives to continually improve our best practices.


Our 4 Key Priorities

  1. Governance

At Arseno, transparency and benevolence guide our governance. We implement responsible practices with rigor and transparency. Our hierarchical structure is clearly defined, responsibilities are detailed in job descriptions, and decisions are made in strategic meetings. An ethical code and formal policies govern our actions, with internal financial controls ensuring prudent fund management. We enforce task separation and restricted access to sensitive information, with regular reviews to ensure compliance and data security.

Vision for 2024:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of our significant impacts using stakeholder engagement mechanisms.
  • Provide specific training on social and environmental issues to selected employees and executives.


  1. Employees

At Arseno, the well-being and development of our employees are paramount. We offer personalized work schedules, telecommuting options, and a structured onboarding process for new hires. We encourage collaboration through workplace improvement projects and provide internal advancement opportunities. Additionally, we invest in the personal development of our employees, including language training such as English as a second language.

Vision for 2024:

  • Survey employees on their well-being and working conditions.
  • Implement improvements based on the actual needs of our collaborators.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions to offer internship opportunities or alternative programs.


  1. Community

At Arseno, we believe in supporting our local community. We stimulate the local economy by creating well-paying jobs and promoting employment growth. We also support local charitable initiatives through financial donations and partnerships with community organizations.

Vision for 2024:

  • Integrate statements on diversity, equity, and inclusion into our job postings.
  • Define measurable goals to improve diversity within our company.
  • Prioritize local suppliers and establish preferential lists for our facilities.


  1. Environment

At Arseno, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint. We have introduced a new clothing collection, Re.Source, made from recycled fibers, thereby raising awareness among our customers to join the movement. Additionally, we have established an internal CSR committee to involve our employees in our social and environmental responsibility initiatives.

Vision for 2024:

  • Establish a formal policy outlining our company’s environmental commitment.
  • Participate in the composting pilot project for businesses initiated by the MRC.
  • Monitor and record our waste production and water consumption.
  • Evaluate the design and materials of our packaging to minimize environmental impact.


At Arseno, we firmly believe in our responsibility to society and the environment. We are committed to continuing our efforts for the well-being of our community and our planet. Join us in this endeavor by exploring our Arseno Partage initiative and our Re.Source collection.


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