Essential and customized clothing

Where does our new initiative « Arseno Partage » come from?

Generous human interaction for happy communities

A starting point

After acquiring Arseno, the three new owners Sarah, Camille, and Jessica began reflecting on unsold products in the inventory. Why not share our still-new warm clothes that have not found owners? The project was thought over long and hard and was presented to all their employees. Finally, the first « sharing » activity took place. With the involvement of the Centre d’Action Bénévole of Matane, 30 boxes were put together and distributed by our employees on December 23, 2022, to local families in need.

That day was also a paid family day before the holidays during which partners and children of our employees helped prepare those boxes.

A lot of the employees, happy to give back, also added their donations of clothes, toys, and non-perishable foods along with the new clothes.

An online store to promote our initiative

A special clothing line was designed and offered to both our employees and the general public for a limited time. Because sharing is a value deeply ingrained in our employees, we created images to personalize our clothes and give the spotlight to this important value.

We offered the possibility for our employees to buy or offer to someone else a t-shirt, a crewneck, a striped sweater, a knit hat, a baseball cap, and even children’s clothes to wear proudly. Five percent of our sales ($1000) will directly go to buy grocery cards to complete our 2023 Christmas Box Event in December.

A great way for you to join in this journey is to shop with us.

A disturbing event

A major event strengthened our desire for sharing. This past summer, we received a container full of clothes that did not meet our quality standards. An impressive 470 fleece Retro Navajo Desert sweaters, 300 fleece blue and black checkered shirts, and 450 fleece red and black shirts were in this container. Inconceivable for us to throw all that in the trash! Perfect clothes for people in need.

Sarah, co-owner, and living in the Quebec City area, went about contacting anyone she knew in the business to help find a solution. Arseno then decided to associate with Kiwanis, an organization that would take charge and distribute all of these clothes during an event before the holidays.

La Bouchée Généreuse

La Bouchée Généreuse is a non-profit organization doing its best to help make the lives of people of Quebec City better. The organization helps needy families, giving them groceries and clothing assistance by distributing food baskets and having a thrift shop with affordable prices. During a recent event on November 9, clothes were distributed and 1200 pieces of clothing brought happiness to almost as many people.


We’ve created the Arseno Partage brand to associate the image with the initiative while preserving the Arseno quality standard. A logo symbolizing sharing was designed, aiming to lessen our ecological footprint, but also lighten up the lives of those in need. The clothes tag showing this new logo has been added to those clothes.