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A day in the life of a project manager

Right in the action: Dive into a typical day of a project manager in corporate clothing.

For our project manager in the corporate clothing team, there’s nothing too mundane. For a few paragraphs, let’s put ourselves in their position to understand their daily work.

8:00 am – It’s already Monday! Even if the team is fully equipped to work from home, everyone’s usually in the office. It’s the case today. I love working from the office. For me, it strengthens my sense of belonging and I feel it’s easier to work with all the departments because we’re a few steps away from each other.

8:30 am – Like every Monday, the team and I meet to share about our weekend, do a follow-up of our projects and start the week in a good way. A little planning for the upcoming week according to our sales objectives, personal and team-wise. Time management and self-sufficiency are essential to the good functioning of the department. Thankfully, those aspects of my work come easily to me. If not, I have wonderful colleagues who can help me and give advice if I need it to improve my working methods. What would I do without them?

9:40 am – I get a call from the buying department: items I’d sold to a construction business are back order for an indefinite period of time. I do my best to find other options quickly and contact my client rapidly to inform him of this new venture. This type of situation doesn’t destabilize me. It’s more of a nice challenge to face and I know I’ll find effective solutions that will answer my customer’s needs.

10:00 am – A few follow-ups and phone calls are being done with customers about current projects. I love exchanging with them, listening to them to figure out what their needs are, and answering their questions. Every day, I have the feeling that I’m making a difference for them. I take away weight from their shoulders because, with us, they’re being taken care of from A to Z.

10:20 am – I’m finalizing a proposition of customized items that I’ve been working on for a few days. I will present it to my client tomorrow, a client in the hospitality business. I’m looking forward to getting their comments.

10:55 am – A nice comment from a customer lands in my email. For me, it’s gratifying. “We’ve received our new crewnecks. My employees are really proud to wear them. The quality of the embroidery is exceptional. Thank you, Claudia.” I make the most of it and ask my customer if he can send a few pictures of his employees. We love sharing them on our social media and keeping a record of our creations.

11:40 am – I’m finalizing a quote for a customer. I’d like to send it before lunch. My client has approved my proposition for new shirts that we’ve just added to our product selection. At Arseno, our products are selected with care by our team. It’s an interesting aspect for someone who loves fashion. I’m happy to live my passion by working at Arseno; a textile business that’s existed for 70 years already. It’s impressive.

Noon – I’m making the most of my lunch hour to go out with my colleagues; they’re like my second family. What a great thing to be able to work with them a few steps away from the St. Lawrence River and to breathe in the salty river air daily.

1:05 pm – After replenishing, I contact a few potential customers. Solicitation and developing a new clientele is at the heart of my job and it’s an aspect I truly love.  I adore meeting new people and talking with businesses from all over Quebec. My head is buzzing with ideas for them.

2:00 pm – The production foreman calls me. I have to meet him at 2:15 pm. He’s about to start production on a t-shirt series for a sports event coming next month and he wants to verify one last detail with me.

3:00 pm – A short last-minute meeting is added to my schedule with one of my graphics department colleagues who has questions on an ongoing project. This project is for a new customer that has 1000 employees and is celebrating its 20 years in business. He wants to offer a coat and a tuque for all his employees for this event. A great mission I’m responsible for and that motivates me.

3:25 pm – I’m leaving a little early today because I have a personal appointment. I’m lucky to have such a flexible employer, and honestly, it changes everything and gives the best quality of life.

I’m already looking forward to tomorrow. Every day as a project manager is different and filled with spontaneity, and that’s what I love the most.