Where to start

Where to start

Three easy steps


Determine what type of customer you are


Visit the store that matches your profile


Place your order

What type of customer are you ?


You are a fashion retailer or a recreation/tourism or lifestyle shop and you want to promote your brand by selling personalized products and clothing.

Do you want to become a retailer? Click here. A representative from Arseno will contact you within 24 hours.

Become a retailer

If you are already a retailer, log into your Arseno store.

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Are you in charge of the uniforms for your school or sports team? Or are you part of a company and want to offer corporate clothing to your employees? Promote your image and strengthen the feeling of pride among your members. The Organization section is also suited to those responsible for a one-time event who want to have specific clothing.

Want to register as an organization with Arseno and open your store? It's here…

Go to Organizations page

Already registered as an organization? Connect to your store ...

Log in to your store


Does your organization already have a store at Arseno, and you are a student or the parent of a student who attends a school or sports group? Or are you an employee of a company who wants to order corporate clothing? Head to the Individuals section and search for the name in one of the drop-down menus; you will be redirected to the appropriate store.

Are you a consumer who wants to purchase clothing designed locally with love?

Check out the Arseno store intended for you and see the selection available to you! Coats, caps, sweaters, cloaks, T-shirts… You’ll find everything you need there to spoil yourself and your family.