Essential and customized clothing

Comfort and sustainability: The 7 essentials to consider for your next selection of customized sweatshirts

Understanding the real value of a sweatshirt: A guide to making enlightened choices.

The sweatshirt’s reputation is well-established. Everyone knows by now how enveloping that garment is.

Yeah, we’re so comfy in a sweatshirt, aren’t we?

So why is there such a price difference between all of them?

Sometimes, it’s the brand that justifies the price, but a high price doesn’t necessarily mean quality, good fit, and durability…So how do we find a good one in an overloaded market? Whether it’s a unique style or love at first sight, the goal is to have something that’ll last for a long time.

After all, we want satisfaction. A satisfied customer = a happy customer.

To help you choose your selection of sweatshirts to put in your store, here’s a checklist we’re sharing with you, made by our development team.

The R&D experts’s checklist


❤️ Comfort: At its basis, cotton fabric was created for comfort and warmth. It is then vital that it fulfills its basic mission. As the softness and thickness of the fabric are synonymous with comfort; the first touch on the fabric is important for your clientele.

At Arseno, our sweatshirts are 30% cotton for its comfort and 70% polyester for its breathability.


❤️  Durability: a sweatshirt is a must in a wardrobe. That means being able to wear it at all times. We can leave it anywhere, lend it to a friend when it’s cold by the St. Lawrence River, or even use it as a makeshift pillow during a family road trip.

We don’t want it to become fuzzy, for the collar and sleeves to deform, lose their elasticity, or lose their colors prematurely.

A garment that’s not long-lasting will show those signs at first usage. Even at the first wash, we’ll find it less nice looking.

To make sure our clothes last and remain looking new, we submit our fabrics to strict washing tests and excessive rubbing to control their durability in the future.

The Arseno brand is a sign of quality after rigorous quality controls that will ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.


❤️    Cut: We love a unisex cut, timeless and classic, whether you wear it tight or loose.

On top of encouraging slow fashion, you facilitate the management of your inventory, because when you say unisex cut, you say enough with the nightmare of managing male and female sizes.

Also, our cuts aim to highlight any type of body to serve a more diversified clientele.

Design of the garment

❤️   Design of the garment: We refine our sewing lines to offer as much space as necessary for our customers’ images. This way, we optimize the creative space on the garment.

When it’s time to decorate clothes, it’s important that they’re not full of useless details. A well-thought-out design will help your graphic design.


❤️   Color: The color of the garment, its brightness, its vibrance, and the way the colors fit together are all aspects we should think about when selecting products. Our selection is made to offer classics but also for the clothes to sparkle and be different from the competitors. It’s important that the color remains intact after our work days.

Here, we love for our blacks to remain black.


❤️   Size: Another important aspect is the size of the garment. When we choose the size of our clothes, we hope it stays the same after the first wash. We also test for shrinkage to make sure it doesn’t shrink more than 4% of its initial size. It’s an industry standard we respect with care.

Who wants to end up with a crop top after the first dry?

We love our sweatshirts to at least hide your bum!


❤️   Care: Nothing better than offering a diversified selection, well cut, that fits nicely with everything, and that is also easy to care for. Who wants to hang clothes or bring them to the dry cleaners?

What’s better than to wash your favorite clothes without issues?

Washer, dryer, and go! It’s a lifetime love affair.

With those essential criteria, you now hold in your hands all the tools to choose the most remarkable sweatshirt for your store and support your customers toward responsible choices. You can see for yourself that prices may vary, but the priority should be durability and excellence.

We warmly invite you to explore our “Essentials” section where you can find a wide range of styles, all seriously submitted to our Arseno tests.

With us, quality is a promise and we’re impatient to offer you timeless products that will satisfy your most demanding customers.

Together, let’s build a future with responsible choices and long-lasting elegance 🌿